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Housing Corporation

Affordable Independent Senior Living Home

Vernon Heights


Madison Manor


Vernon Heights

Madison Manor

Board  Of  Directors


Elizabeth Esther

Board Member since 1989

Jim Kueny
Board Member since 1986

Jon Morris

Board Member since 1999

Joe Pickering
Board Member since 1997

Pat Ray
Board Member since 2012

Kathy manages both properties; Vernon Heights since 1990 and Madison Manor since its' conception in 1991. Kathy oversees all HUD compliance, meets monthly with the Board of Directors and directs day-to-day operations at both buildings

Laquita has been Service Coordinator of both Madison Manor and Vernon Heights since joining the staff in 2001. Laquita assists tenants in finding available resources and services tenants need in order to stay in their home and maintain their independence

Neil is the guy to see when something breaks. Neil has been changing light bulbs, cleaning AC/Heat Unit filters, repairing leaky faucets and more since 2005. When he's not fixing something, you'll find him fun-lovingly joking around with his own warped sense of humor.

Management and Staff

Kathleen (Kathy) Kincheloe

Administrative Manager

Laquita Angst

Services Coordinator

Neil Hiatt


W. T. Vernon Housing Corporation is a Locally-Owned, Privately held non-profit Corporation.  

The Board of Directors are local business and professional people who donate their time, experience and efforts to overseeing, and assuring, the proper administration and management of the properties.

Management and Staff share their responsibilities between Madison Manor and Vernon Heights, oversee the day-to-day operations, coordinate services and maintain proper adherence to HUD Guidelines.  As with the board of directors,  staff and management are Lebanon area residents

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